25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● All 10 Assists vs Real Madrid”

  1. and to think players like Ronaldo and Van Persie are in their prime age 27-28 years old and Messi still only 24

  2. Messi has beat his previous assist record, now he has 25 so far… only 1 away from equalling Xavi 2009 season with 26 assist.

    Ronaldo already having a hardtime to catch Messi goal number in all competition, yet Messi has 25 assist in addition to his 60+ goals.

  3. 24 assists and 10 games to play, 7 la liga, 1 spanish cup finale, 2 champions league, and 11 if they go to the champions league finale.

  4. 60 goals and 23 assists this season and at least 9 games to play. I wouldn’t believe it if I just arrive from from a different planet.

  5. @2 :22 : Scary moments for every defenders – Leo Messi conducting a raid with Cesc,Pedro & Sanchez .Only one end result : GOAL

  6. lol @ 2 :11..Abidal’s goal…All Madrid 9 players were concentrating so much on Messi..they all looked at Messi and forgot all about Abidal..BAMMM…Messi released the ball to Abidal..by the time they wake up..the ball is inside their NET 🙂

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