Brazilian football legend Pele has praised the move of compatriot Neymar Jr. from Barcelona to Paris St Germain.

Pele believes the player made the move to step out from the shadows of Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

Neymar was really going to be second fiddle for as long as he would remain at the club, until Messi retired or dropped in form to an incredible extent. And that possibly would be in three years’ time or thereabout. If he retired, Neymar would be the prime candidate for the best player in the world as Cristiano Ronaldo would also have passed his prime. At 25 already, Neymar would have a short time at the top as he would be around 28.

Messi and Ronaldo have jointly ruled the scene for the last decade. If Neymar left the Nou Camp, he gets a decent chance at competing with them from now. His switch divided opinions as many pointed to the money, greed, disagreement with the club officials, the financial issues involved in the transfer from Brazil and tax issues with the Spanish authorities, and many others.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for him and he needed to move because now he can really play and show what he’s capable of,” Pele said. Read more »

Messi signed contract extension

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi has signed a three year contract extension that will see him remain at the Camp Nou until the 2020-2021 season.

This will be relief for the Barcelona fans who were fearing that Messi will be leaving the Spanish club at the end of his contract.

Lionel Messi said that it has always been his intention to end his career at Barcelona and that he has no desire of going elsewhere. He said that he will be ending his career in Argentina and that as long as he will be playing in Europe, he will be remaining at Barcelona.

This will end the rumors that were seeing Lionel Messi making a move to Paris Saint-Germain during the current transfer window.

Lionel Messi said that he is happy to be playing for Barcelona and that he feels at home at the Spanish club. Indeed Lionel Messi has spent 14 years at Barcelona, and the new contract will make him spend a total of 17 years in Barcelona. Read more »

Lionel Messi wants Barcelona to sign reinforcements in the summer

If rumors are to be believed, Lionel Messi is trying to push Barcelona to sign new players and especially for the defensive section of the Spanish as it does not have so many well-known or proven players in comparison to the offensive department of Barcelona which consists of world-class performers including: Lionel Messi, Luis Suares and Neymar.

Barcelona are consistently competing in some of the biggest football competitions in the world including: La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. In order for any club to not only compete but also display a genuine chance of coming out on top and win, teams need to have top players in every single area and Messi wants Barcelona to strengthen other sections of the squad.

One of the players that has been linked with a potential summer arrival to Barcelona is Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin who has impressed in this season and the 22 year old right-back is being viewed as a replacement of Sergi Roberto. Read more »


Barcelona are reportedly set to offer their star player Lionel Messi a new deal worth £40 million annually.

The Catalan giants are ready to make him the highest paid player on the continent with the new deal.

The new contract would ensure Messi plays the bulk of his remaining days at Camp Nou. He has been consistent for years and the club are determined to keep things going smooth, despite speculations that the growing rift between the player and the club could force him to leave.

Messi has come to be known as the centrepiece of all the action for a decade now. If the player were to leave, it would definitely affect the club in multiple proportions: marketing, their fan base, football-wise et al.

Getting a capable replacement would be almost impossible. Neymar and Luis Suarez have come to form a partnership with him that could force them to exit the side as well if Messi leaves, or at least it would significantly affect their performance. Read more »


Barcelona’s star forward Neymar has come on out, to express his gratefulness to his colleague and football star, Lionel Messi for looking out for him when he first joined the Catalonian giants and didn’t know his way around things then.

Neymar joined up with Barcelona in 2013, after moving from his former club, Santos. However, his transition into the team at the early period wasn’t quite smooth as he faced some early challenges. It was Messi, according to Neymar, that took him under his wings, brushing him up and making him into the key figure he is today.

Speaking recently to CNN, Neymar had said,

“I have a nice story about Messi. Soon after I arrived, it was not a great moment in my career and he was the one who helped me.

“He saw that I was sad, with my head down, that things were not going right for me. He told me to keep going, to be happy and to play the way I know. He told me this and he helped me a lot at that moment in time. He is a person who I admire a lot.” Read more »

Cristiano Ronaldo Talks about Rivalry with Lionel Messi

The rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has been one of the much talked about elements in the world of football over the last decade.

The rivalry has especially grown in recent years as the two players have become more successful. There is a suggestion that Ronaldo does not like Messi very much and that the Argentine is quite the opposite. Ronaldo has always split the fans in terms of popularity, as many believe that he is quite arrogant. Once again, the opposite has been regarded as character of Messi.

The Argentine has won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award, which is widely regarded as the standard on which players are ranked, an incredible five times in his career and it is the current world record. Ronaldo is probably the only player who can hope to beat this achievement as he has three titles so far. Read more »